Plenty of room to space out your rig in the scrub beneath wide open night skies, in this relaxed and friendly campsite.

Lorne Station, Lightning Ridge, NSW.

Lorne Station is, thankfully, not one of these new-fangled caravan parks where everything is new and antiseptic and shiny, and there is a list of rules as long as your arm. Lorne Station is a lot more relaxed: it’s fine to have pets (under control, of course); it’s okay to have a camp fire; and you can camp basically just where you want – there’s plenty of room in the scrub to stretch out, so you won’t be penned up in a tiny little space, with neighbours breathing right down your neck. On this 10,000 acre property there are powered sites and facilities if you need them, but if you just want some peace in the bush you can easily find a spot to do so, among a multitude of hard clay pans and open areas.

Apostle Birds, Lightning Ridge, NSW

Lorne Station is just outside Lightning Ridge, the NSW township famous for its black opals and unique outback character. Within a five minute drive, you can access fuel and shops and also the very wonderful ‘car door’ tours of the Opal fields that Lightning Ridge is famous for.

No bells and whistles. Just pure country hospitality.

Lorne Station

One of the best things about Lorne Station is the wealth of bird life in the area. The birds here are very different to those of coastal areas and more typical of semi-desert terrain. We’ve seen Zebra Finches, Little Eagles, Mulga Parrots, Blue Bonnet Parrots, Budgerigars and many other species around the campsite. Best of all though are the wonderful Apostle Birds, which have made the Station their home. These birds are real characters, moving through the scrub in tight, constantly moving family groups and invading campsites when they see a chance of getting a crumb or two. They’re incredibly tame and will come right up to feed beneath your feet.

Blue Bonnet Parrots
Blue Bonnet Parrots on Lorne Station, Lightning Ridge.

Lorne Station is a great place to just kick back and relax, get the camp fire going. Due to its remote location, close to the Queensland border, there is very little light pollution and the night sky (not to mention awesome sunsets) can be absolutely magnificent.

Full details – and booking – on the Lorne Station website:

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