Is it really worth getting? Can you take it camping? How well does it cook?

Yes, you bet it’s worth getting; for only eighty-five bucks, it’s a real steal (mind you, with the way prices are rising at the moment, you’d better skedaddle to the Big Green Shed and get one before they jack up the price to a hundred and eighty-five dollars!).

And yes sir, you can take it camping. It’s lightweight and very portable and you could even dismantle the whole thing if you really needed to.

Best of it, it cooks superbly. Food roasted on this grill just melts in the mouth and the flavours are absolutely delicious. We’ve cooked both lamb and pork roasts and the results have been juicy and fabulous. It also makes the best pork crackling I personally have ever tasted. And all for the princely sum of eighty-five dollars!

Bunnings $85 spit roaster in action. Smell that crackling!

There are a few things to look out for:

  • You’ll need to get the battery-powered version, of course, if you want to take it camping. There is also a 240v version, but why on earth would you want to be tied down with a power cord?
  • This really is slow-cooking. A large pork joint could take up to three or four hours. You’ll need to prepare early and have patience, but it’s certainly worth it
  • You’ll need to give it some attention. This isn’t like a slow-cooker. You can’t just walk away from it and let it do its thing, as that would just end in disaster. You need to monitor the spit-roasting process from start to finish, raise or lower the meat to stop it burning, and possibly add charcoal if needed. Again, that’s all part of the fun. Just like a campfire, you get a heat source to stand around, and the smells generated while roasts are cooking are really something to appreciate.
  • The construction of the bbq ‘shell’ is, as we already noted, lightweight. Like many of the cheaper bbqs, it may well not last long if left out in the open, especially in wet weather. However, both the spit itself and the all important motor, are very robust. These could easily be adapted to work in other bbqs or even open fire pits, so you’ve really got very little to lose.

These little spit roasters have become so popular that they inspired a cult-like following, and deservedly so. They’re just the thing to keep you outside and cooking, especially when the weather turns cold,. You can use them while you’re camping or in the garden or on the patio back home.

Bunnings $85 spit roaster

Best of all, they make great food and are really heaps of fun. Whole-heartedly recommended.

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