With extreme weather events becoming all too frequent, it’s good to make sure that you have planned adequately to deal with climate extremes. These could be floods, road closures, or even prolonged, severe heatwaves.

When planning a trip it is always useful to take a peak at the long range weather forecast for the area you intend to travel to. Sounds pretty obvious, but some people may make assumptions based on the weather they have at home. However, if you’re travelling several hundred, or even thousand, kilometers, you can be sure that the climate there will be radically different to that of your local area. Check out the forecast for the area you intend to camp in, and you may avoid some nasty surprises. As always, be prepared!

Although there are, of course, heaps of weather services out there, but we reckon the BOM is simply the best. Long range forecasts are available from the ‘BOM’, Australia’s very wonderful Bureau of Meteorology (the Australian farmers’ and campers’ friend).

Check out in particular their ‘Met eye’ service, which can give your a great visual representation on how the weather is heading.

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